The Childhood Model Brief Version

What is the Childhood Model?

As mentioned above, the childhood model is a set of beliefs that form the foundation of your life. Those judgements, put together by the time your inner child was seven years old, were brought forward into your adult life via your subconscious mind. Those beliefs have become colloquially known as your baggage.

Basically, your childhood model is 100% right side brain input only, which means that your model was assembled by an unconscious, literal, instinctual, emotional child whose tiny, serious world was ‘personal’ and its beliefs and judgements were always survival-based. Add the further overlay: all children are copy-cats; they mimic everything. Like mother, like daughter; like father, like son!

Your childhood model has no intellectual reasoning, no distinctions; it is completely out-of-date with no concept of time, or that change is a normal part of life. It was a black-or-white world with no other choices and an overriding basic ‘need to belong’ to secure its survival.

During this period of time, your left-side brain or intellectual brain was, for the most part, in its rudimentary or early stages of development. If you have not previously undertaken a debriefing of your childhood model, you will, no doubt, still be seeing yourself, your potential and your world automatically and subconsciously from the powerless, dependent and always inferior position of your inner child, with fear continuing to enforce your inner child’s comfort zone boundaries. Further, trying to live within the confines of your literal inner child’s interpretation of itself aka you, formed from the external comments made by others with your inner child’s spin, you will never feel you are enough, that you are flawed somehow or that something is missing from your life.

You have been ‘on-auto’. Time to escape your inner child’s self-made prison and live without the ‘back-seat driver’. Your child’s version of itself is about to be given a huge makeover!

‘Making Friends with Yourself’ is a toolbox for your emotional and intellectual intelligence. It is high octane fuel for your journey into yourself and the activation of your personal power. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one of all, setting the standards for everything in your life. Liking yourself is the catalyst for change. The deeper your core understanding, the richer your connection with yourself and the greater your sense of freedom. Becoming wise to the self is your new beginning.

When you reach this practical level of wisdom in your development, there should be little stopping you because you now have the relevant and powerful information to intellectually understand what has been holding you back, and the methodologies available for you to progress even further into yourself and your personal power, encouraging you to say “yes” to all things possible in your life and to continue on your soul’s journey.

From me to you: I passionately wish that this powerful, transforming, life-changing book will touch on or resonate with something deeply personal for you; something you may not have allowed into the light or shared with anyone, or fully understood its long-term implications.   

Enjoy your childhood model debriefing; revel in your ‘ah-ha’ moments!
Adult defiance is imminent! Making friends with yourself smile