Conscious –

'How life works'... Journal

The aim of this journal is to bridge the gap between survival intelligence… when there was no intellect and the 21st C., to empower and make sense of our lives.


‘Conscious’ How life works is #5 in the ‘Life education’ series.

This is life’s story!

 What a ride! ‘Conscious’ began its journey into life two years ago. We had a few false starts! It was not interested in talking to you about anything it deemed not worthy of a place in its Journal! I became the secretary as it dictated to me, how and what to write! Anything… for my books and journals ☺

‘Conscious’ is a self-proclaimed, no-nonsense, brief understanding of the ‘forever force’ of the survival system we inherited. ‘Conscious’ and its many light bulb moments unlock and light up your free will, awesome personal power and potential.

‘Conscious’ exposes one of the last frontiers and the ultimate understanding that bridges the gap between survival intelligence and 21 st C. Higher consciousness.

Our primitive cousins:

 • Did not live long enough to outgrow their hardwired, repetitive and  reactive subconscious survival copied behaviours from the previous generation.

• Fear, fear of abandonment and the will to live were all valid reasons for them to remain in ‘The Pack’ and its ‘Pack mentality’, aka today’s status quo.

Today this system is creating problems for us… that are not there! when we understand the ‘forever force’ of survival intelligence.

This journal will not only make sense of your life today, but it will also uncomplicate and show you what’s been missing from a ‘whole of life’ perspective – and so much more.


Every Adult.

• Time to liberate ourselves and the 21 st C. from ‘The system’ time forgot!

• Are you ready to be liberated?