EVOLVING – Secrets of a Child and Life Processes.

Secrets of a Child and Life Processes.

"There is no single effort more radical in its potential for saving the world than a transformation of the way we raise our children." 

Marianne Williamson

What powerful ways can you contribute to a child's belief about himself and his model of life, especially by the age of seven-years-old?


Ah! Book #3! Evolving is a little darling that had me up at night (just like a child) sitting at my overworked computer! My solar plexus and I were so excited to be involved in some of the most transformational secrets of life. 

My six amazing grandchildren helped me to see clearly how, like little sponges, they were soaking up everything they were hearing, seeing and feeling, EVEN IF, it was not directed at them! Their intellectual brain is not able to discriminate. 

‘Evolving’ gives you a front row seat to observe the connection between childhood and adult time zones.

There can be absolutely no denial!!! I love this little book! Do you like the cover? Many thanks Erica.

Wondering how you can give your kids a great start to life? 

‘Evolving – Secrets of a child and life processes’ was awarded 3 amazon.com best-seller distinctions in three categories on 14th July, 2021:

• Parent participation in education

• Step-parenting & blended families

• Early childhood education.

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A fascinating and powerful book for parents (esp. Dads!)

‘Evolving’ has been a truly fascinating read for me, as a new Dad. The book unpacks how kids develop a belief system from their parents in their first seven years, and often it is subconscious and permanent.

Through the pages of her book, Louise demonstrates how important it is to provide ‘affirming approval’ for children, especially in the first seven years. It is literally the greatest gift you can give your kids as it leads to self-confidence, emotional safety and forms the foundation for a loving life.
Adam Franklin, CEO Bluewire Media


As part of the primitive survival system, children in the first seven years are creating a model of life – potentially, a ‘whole of life’ behaviour and belief system. Young children are copycats. Whatever they are seeing, hearing and feeling regularly they accept as ‘normal’, the way life is, the way life should be and ‘the only way’ from a literal child’s perspective; those hardwired behaviours repeated unconsciously to the next generation such as Domestic Violence. Time to break the cycle!

What childhood baggage did you bring into your adult life?


A child’s feelings about himself – his identity and self-worth – are being shaped from the opinions, facial expressions and tone of voice of others. The child accepts everything at trusting face-value. His intellectual brain is incapable of questioning.

What baggage did you bring with you about your self-image and potential?


Children communicate with us using their emotional/feeling primal language. We usually relate to them on our intellectual level.

Evolving creates a powerful ‘level playing field’ way of communicating with a child, aligned with a child’s emotional, feeling language to bond with and affirm the children in your care.


• Understanding a child’s primal simplicity.

• Viewing a child from their ‘feeling’ inner world perspective.

• Becoming the child’s hero and role model.

It’s time to disrupt the ‘unconsciousness’ of repeated generational cycles. Evolving will challenge the way you view yourself and the children in your care.


• Mostly children and future generations!
• Parents-to-be.
• Mums and Dads, especially of young children.
• Child carers, nannies – anyone connected with young children.
• Kindergarten and primary school teachers.
• Grandparents and all relatives connected with children.
• Maternity wards.
• Mothers’ groups.

Anyone else?