About the Author

Thank you for reading this Section. I was born in Melbourne, Australia. I am the eldest of three. I have two daughters, six grandchildren and my cat, Madelyn. I have been fascinated by life processes since I was 16 years old.


My mother and her younger brother became Wards of the State of New South Wales, Australia, during the Great Depression – abruptly taken from their tribal family/home at 4 and 3 years old respectively. Abandonment is a primal fear!Imagine their fear! I want to give them a big hug and reassure them, don’t you?

Those scared, confused little kids became adults who eventually became parents. You would think they would be mindful and not inflict their childhood bitterness and experiences on their innocent children, wouldn’t you? Sadly, that is not the usual experience.


I remember asking mum in my teens, ‘why did you bring us up the same way you were brought up when it hurt you so much?’  She angrily replied, ‘How else was I supposed to bring you kids up – it’s the only way I know!’

At 16, I found my calling. My teenage question: ‘How can I prevent history repeating itself?’ became my adult question: ‘Why do we repeat generational cycles?’

I wish my mum was alive today so I could help her understand how programmed we are and assure her that abandonment in her childhood was not her fault. Remember ‘Good Will Hunting’? Maybe she could have felt better, even had a few years of happiness and not be so angry with herself and the world.


I am not a psychologist; researching ‘life systems’ and why we repeat generational cycles is a calling. My books and journal/s are not related to psychology.

My 30-year research bridges the gap between primitive survival intelligence and the 21st C to make sense of our lives today. With new awareness, we can adapt to the ‘forever’ system, live wiser and advance mankind.

My fifth publication is a Journal that uncomplicates and makes sense of our lives today, showing you what has been missing from a ‘whole of life’ perspective – and so much more.