About the Author

Hello and welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read the Louise L. Kallaway website. I was born in Melbourne, Australia. I have two daughters, six grandchildren and my cat Madelyn.

I have been fascinated by life processes since my difficult teenage years. A decade or so later I embarked
on the ambitious project, ‘How can I avert history repeating itself?’ 
My search has taken me more than thirty years of study, research, journaling etc.

On reflection, it was like solving a giant jigsaw puzzle. Imagine hundreds of pieces of information that needed to be sorted, separated, logically and painstakingly collated – with no missing pieces. 

There is no psychology. This is ‘Life Education’ – the beginning of your evolving life. Summarising:

The primitive survival programs that helped our primate cousins survive … have never been switched off!

 They are ‘dumbing us down’ today as we live two, three or even four times longer.

 My books explain how these programs impact us today – empowering our lives in the 21st Century.
Wilderness into Light.

I wish you love, power and light.

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