About the Author

Hello and welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read the Louise L. Kallaway website. I was born in Melbourne, Australia. I have two daughters, six grandchildren and my cat Madelyn.

I have been fascinated by life processes since my difficult teenage years. A decade or so later I embarked
on the ambitious project, ‘How can I avert history repeating itself?’ 
My search has taken me more than thirty years of study, research, journaling etc.

Turns out, it was like solving a giant jigsaw puzzle. Imagine hundreds of pieces of information that needed to be sorted, separated, logically and painstakingly collated – with no missing pieces. 

There is no psychology. This is ‘Life Education’ – the beginning of your evolving life.

When you understand you have been trying to live in two-time zones that are ‘dumbing you down’ today, you will feel truly empowered with exciting new realisations and understanding why you may be feeling powerless, or any number of reasons that may be holding you back as a maturing adult.
Wilderness into Light.

I wish you love, power and light.

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