Secrets of Your Inner Child

Out of print:

Empowered will be relaunched later in 2021. I will keep you posted.

On what do we base our lives, if not our childhood? Where do our feelings about ourselves, our fears, beliefs, attitudes, behaviours, and generational expectations have their origins? Where else did we learn to conform? Separated from our foundations, we don’t make sense!

Believing that your inner child is a mystical, cute little angel with wings could not be further from the truth! ‘EMPOWERED’ exposes your childhood baggage, the conflict and power struggles that unite you with your inner child today – an opportunity to create your ‘dream-team’ higher consciousness.

Aristotle, an Ancient Greek philosopher c. 384 B.C. – 322 B.C. once said:

‘Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man’.

If you are unaware of these two time zones operating silently in your programmed life, you will continue to live on ‘autopilot’ remaining as Aristotle’s compliant, frustrated seven-year-old adult/child!


EMPOWERED – Secrets of Your Inner Child ...

throws out the little kid’s rule book and its fairy tales, liberating childhood and adult time zones to honour your empowered life. 

Release date to be advised