DEFIANCE – Secrets of Your Midlife Crisis.

 Kez Wickham St George. International published Author

If you want to understand who you are, why you do what you do and how to change your beliefs this is a great read with practical exercises to embed the learnings.

Aaron Witnish, Managing Director at 

‘There is no other way to describe Louise Kallaway’s knowledge on this subject other than, seriously impressive. Within these pages she describes herself as the ‘whistle blower’ as she draws attention to the choices we make in establishing our independence in our adult lives and how our needs to belong, dominate our behaviours. If there’s ever a book series that encourages us to take a journey, then this is it.In Defiance, your questions will be answered …’

Russ Moore, Commercial Director/Publisher

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EMPOWERED – Secrets of Your Inner Child

“Your book has changed my life.”

Yolla S., Bayside, Vic.

Wow … positively enlightening!

Peter C., Moonee Ponds, Vic.

OMG, everything I am reading is me! I hear you talking to me. Your book is making so much sense of my life. Anyone who reads your book will say, “this is me!”

Olga C., Mitcham, Vic.

After reading your book, I can see which areas of my personal development need attention. Thank you for your insights.

Simon H., The Basin, Vic.

What an amazing insight into one of the most important relationships we have “with our parents”. Thank you Louise for sharing all your experiences and thoughts with us – definitely gives us food for thought. This is a must read book.

Trish P., Bonbeach, Vic.

You have made the seemingly impossible, possible. Every adult needs to read your book.

Bernice H., Richmond, Vic.