Why is debriefing the secrets of your inner child and your childhood model so fundamentally important for you?

Debriefing is the first step towards adult consciousness and liberation from childhood. Perhaps the childhood model is best seen symbolically i.e. just as an ornamental chain is able to hold an ‘unconscious’ adult elephant in captivity, so too the childhood model is the subconscious chain acting as the backseat driver, moderating and frustrating the unsuspecting adult with crude, automatic, outdated, subconscious literal beliefs and fear-based boundaries.


Will understanding your inner child’s secrets and your childhood model have a positive flow-on effect for the next generation?

Yes, definitely. Insights into the processes, mechanics and secrets of your inner child and its model will give you a wonderful new appreciation into the powerful, positive influences you can have on your children and grandchildren before they reach seven years old.

Understanding the importance of debriefing their childhood model will also place the next generation years ahead of previous generations.


Will an understanding of your childhood model accelerate your personal growth and emotional development?

Yes. In your lifetime, you only have time to do so many things:

My suggestion: first understand the secrets of your inner child and its model, then liberate the areas within your model that are hindering your personal growth and emotional development … now watch as your world opens up exponentially.

We all love second chances. What will you, the emancipated adult, do with your second chance?